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Studying UX design — my winter project 2020

Since I moved to the UK, every time when it comes to the end of the year, a sense of anxiety always comes up in my mind and I ask myself: Did Alice complete anything this year? Did I upgrade myself in the past 300 days? Last year, just for my own satisfaction, I did my PRINCE2 course. It was a two week course which was very meaningful for me, and I was able to apply some of the knowledge I learned to my real work in the following year. This year, I decided to join a UX online course.

I remember I heard of the word “UX” in a big fin-tech event in Amsterdam a few years ago, and I had no idea what U and X meant at that time. Thanks to an algorithm, aUX course advertisement popped-up on my Instagram this year, so I did more research about the topic. Firstly I found out that doing UX courses can cost you a lot! The most expensive course I saw was about £10,000 for the whole course. I know I couldn’t afford that but I didn’t want to give up so easily, so I signed up for some free five days course to understand what User Experience is, and then I tried some budget-friendly courses on Udemy. I found that I’m interested in the topic but a self-learning course without a deadline is not the best way for me. So, I decided to sign up for a relatively reasonable online course with a deadline and certification when I complete the course. (I know there are many opinions on the internet that say actually anyone can easily study UX by themselves with a lower cost but I can see myself giving up in the middle of learning if I do so.) Another story behind this decision is that I participated in a user survey for a newly-launched app project this summer. As a user, I tried the beta version of the app and I gave my feedback. Just in my personal opinion, I thought the user interface was just NOT great, and while I was trying out the app, I needed to read the user manual all the time. (It’s a travel app and there were 28 buttons on the landing page, for 28 different functions, from tax refund service, ticket service, food delivery service, local travel guide… and wait, charity donation and short-term loan application??) I surprisingly found out that I can’t figure out how to use this app using my intuition, unlike other apps I downloaded. I really want to solve this problem so it can be more user friendly. After my first week of the UX learning with UX Design Institution, I now know the possible mistake that occurred on the app I tried: Engineering mindset — adding too many “cool” functions without thinking what the specific goals are for the users. The learning is very interesting so far though I’m from totally different background but I do feel I’m learning some important common sense and know-how which can actually be applied to many things, not just software.

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